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Date The Ramp - Ritu Kumar

Donning Ritu Kumar – In collaboration with Date The Ramp

The millennials are most certainly aware of designer wear. However, how often does it transcribe into actually purchasing them and getting a firsthand experience? Even if you do not spell it out, we know the answer! Yet, the solution for every other problem is just around the corner, we just have to have an eye for the same.  If you cannot buy it, HOW ABOUT RENTING it, to have all the eyes gawking at you?
If the above was your question, DATE THE RAMP is your answer! Most recently, we collaborated with them and the experience couldn’t get any better!

Out of the array of designer clothing they have as their option, we chose Ritu Kumar. Being one of India’s finest designers, she was the first to give a nouveau spirit to India’s bridal couture. The ‘Couture Rani’ of her admirers and the achiever of the prestigious Padma Shri Award in 2013, for her distinguished services to the Indian Fashion Industry, Ritu Kumar has an inexplicable understanding of traditional designs most beautifully translating it into something chic and contemporary. Over the years, Ritu’s endeavor has reached sky high with more than 30 outlets all over India, providing livelihood to hundreds of artisans. Her sun brand namely LABEL is in association with her son Amrish Kumar, which targets the global and local fashion markets alike their traditional albeit modern outfits! Wearing her label can only be deemed as ‘experience’; an experience we both wanted to feel against our skin, for the longest time!

Date The Ramp - Ritu KumarDate The Ramp - Ritu Kumar

Each of us chose two alluring Ritu Kumar maxi dresses. Paushali chose a dark green, pure dobby and chiffon maxi dress with burnt orange and gold paisley print on it. It was a maxi shirt dress to be specific. She chose a sleek tan belt for a shapely silhouette and tied a contrasting off-white scarf with green paisley as a pretty headband, complimenting her curls.

Date The Ramp - Ritu KumarDate The Ramp - Ritu Kumar

I (Roshni) chose another beautiful Ritu Kumar orange maxi dress and teamed it up with my denim jacket to bring in a quirky quotient! While the color of my jacket most passionately complimented that of the dress, it also, most instantaneously gave me two ways to flaunt that maxi dress.  The dress with the denim jacket could be pulled off easily for a casual outing, while without the jacket the dress becomes a perfect attire to flaunt on your date night or a gala gathering!

Date The Ramp - Ritu KumarDate The Ramp - Ritu Kumar

Both of us kept our styling minimalistic for these two dresses because they are statements in themselves and we certainly did not want to tamper that! Now lovelies, you must be wondering wearing one such piece yourself is a far-fetched dream, only to remain so! The good news is, YOU ARE BLATANTLY WRONG because you have Date The Ramp at your resort! This bunch of fashion-tech-design enthusiasts, who have evolved into a huge national venture called Date the Ramp, really live by their vow of helping us women experience designer fashion; to make smart women dress well, look great and stand out while saving money and our earth’s resources. If you do not believe us, try out for yourselves.

If you like what you see, hit the links below to rent out the attires that both of us are wearing.


On Paushali – Dark Green Mystery Maxi Dress by Ritu Kumar

On Roshni – Red Vibes Flared Maxi Dress by Ritu Kumar

Now pinch yourselves to believe, it’s for real! Go on lovelies, indulge in your desire of donning designer wear. You can thank us later!

Roshni & Paushali

Photo Credits: Kallol Bhattacharjee 

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