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‘Fabric’ating Fashion – In collaboration with Prints & Weaves

In the needy times like the present, we millennials have an inexplicable compulsion to break free from the hamster holes and establish ourselves as class apart than the rest. But aren’t we naïve enough to come out of it, only to join another rat race all over again? The credible quick fix to this can only be, to focus on our ‘individuality’. Our recent collaboration with @printsandweaves affirmed our belief in the same.

Nestled as a little pearl in the city as its oyster, @printsandweaves indeed befits this metaphor being absolutely sui generis. It is essentially a FABRIC STORE, owned by a beautiful millennial couple who have taken it in their stride to bring about some serious change, harping on individualism. If you are thinking how this fabric store is individualistic, compared to the others, here is your answer. Almost everything you get here is exclusive.

All the apparel you would see us enrobed in, are made out of fabric which is most authentically exclusive because the PRINTS on them (be it tie and dye or cotton print) or the quirky stitch work on them is their personal creation! It doesn’t end here. Though they vouch for essentially being a fabric store, it also provides a very nouveau tailoring service. So their customers not only get to choose from almost an unending range of fabrics, they also can get fabrics tailor made if needed. In the contemporary times when everything ‘readymade’ is a bigger reality, this store is a breath of fresh air, fostering the concept of individualism in their ‘tailor-made’ way!

So lovelies, if you value individualism over what’s generic, @printsandweaves is the place to be. We recommend it for their fabric collection, exclusive services and most important for the warm smile of the beautiful hosts! So while you all are already off to shop, do not forget to witness the story we knitted with them.

Roshni & Paushali

Photo Credits: Pratik Mondal

Academician | Corporate Geek| Style Influencers | Millennial Women A creative initiative of two millennial women, Paushali, the corporate practitioner and Roshni an academician, in an attempt to celebrate Fashion hidden in the nooks and crannies of the city, the Real Women and Calcutta!

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