A Flair for the Elemental Ethnic

Indian Street fashion, the elemental ethnic way!

The Indian street fashion is that variant of style which essentially is not born out of any recognized designer’s psyche and seldom does it come with the burden of inhibitions. It has evolved out of one’s own comfort arena and nurtured with our own creative capacity. It is immensely influenced by the milieu that one is subjected to. It is this intimate relationship that we women have with our street style, which makes this trend so inevitable, denying to go out of vogue ever; this is simply owing to the fact that street fashion is something, every woman can have ownership of, since one way or the other it is also largely an impersonation of one’s persona.

Street style is heavily influenced by one’s surrounding; it is but obvious that Indian Street Style is bound to reflect the ‘desi’ spirit that we all live by. In fact, Indian streets continuously reflect our love for handloom fabrics through the most classic albeit comfortable attires like the Kurtis, the cotton Aligarh, the cotton salwar suits, sarees etc. However, no matter how elegant they look, the classics forever run the risk of turning mundane after a point of time. Below, therefore are 5 alternatives to giving your everyday Indian street style a tinge of quirk, sticking by the ethnic mood!

Shirt up! – As much as we love our dads, let’s fall in love with their shirts too. Wear the shirt as an oversized kurta and team it up with ripped denim, harems or even Patiala pants. If you aren’t satisfied with the quirk yet, add a statement neckpiece to the look. Carry oversized totes, wear desi sandals for this look and you are all good to go!

DIY oversized shirt and pant styling

Keep it breezy– Don’t let go of your old man’s shirt soon! Discard the pants from the above look and wear that same shirt now as a shirt dress. If the shirt seems too loose, wear your most simple belt around the waist. Go all quirky with statement junk jewelry and maybe a nice desi sling to compliment it. Wear oxford shoes to break the all Indian monotony and rock the entire attire. This look can also be accomplished with medium length Kurtis from your wardrobe.

Wear a shirt as a dress

Maximise your comfort– Street style evolves out a lot from the need for comfort and ease. Come to think of it, who wants to be elaborately dressed around the clock, every day? Thus slip into that pretty mono-color khadi dress, in immense vogue these days. Without being an ounce more elaborate simply add a statement neck piece and a pair of blue denim for your desi quirk. Walk feeling all easy breezy albeit the indo-ethnic way!

Wear a Dress over denim pants

Twirl in pretty prints – One can never go wrong with traditional Indian prints like the Ikkat or the Kalamkari. These prints look stunning and settle like the second skin on one’s body. As much as these fabrics are adorned in form of sarees or wrap-around skirts, break this traditional cycle. Search midi-skirts made out of these fabrics, team it up with a plain light colored shirt and canvas shoes. Carry a funky leather backpack to complete the look. Since these traditional Indian prints are quite bold, try and keep everything else for this look minimalistic, such that the prints get the deserving attention!

Ikkat Dress

Prep easy in a poncho– Ever considered wearing an ethnic poncho? Ponchos are a perfect choice for your street style since they are extremely comfortable to be worn albeit looks exquisite too. Further, when made out of the traditional Indian fabric, the poncho is bound to add just the optimum amount of quirk to your entire look. Team it up with flared denim and sandals- wa-lah, you are ready to make some heads turn!

Style a Poncho with Denim

Indian street style, the very authentic, yet beautiful, is something that has and forever will remain in vogue. We are certain that you’d excel each time you reinvent the new you, and bring about a sparkling change around you, within you and ON you!

Keep watching this space for the latest #GullyTrends lovely ladies!


Roshni & Paushali

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