DIY Winter fashion

Dear millennial women,
Have you ever wondered, you were to blame yourselves and only so for the mistreatment hurdled towards you? Are you still not meeting the expectations even after you drained yourself off the last cell of your soul to make the world happy? Well, the miscue was on your part because instead of seeking approval, you should have done it your way, focusing on the expectations you have for yourself and not of the others! Have you been left forlorn and heartbroken by the same person for whom you had turned your world topsy-turvy? When he strikes you off, like a fag end, burning in brutal agony with atrocious words like ‘”..but I never asked you to do all of this for me?!” Do not be dismayed, instead nod in approval! For indeed it was you who transgressed, because of creating a flawed, faulty, ‘shared’ world (for the namesake) with them, you should have rather been busy creating your own world, with your own feasibility and in your own beautiful way! You should have done it all in YOUR OWN WAY.

The above train of thought, in fact, inspired us to create our series “Do It Your way!” For a long time, both of us wanted to visit this amazing new café in town, ‘Coming Back To Life’. We chose our attire keeping in mind the occasion and the season- a weekend brunch on a winter noon. Further, suggestive from the title itself our attire was all about customization this time. This is how we went about it.

DIY Winter fashion DIY Winter fashion DIY Winter fashion DIY Winter fashionDIY Winter fashionDIY Winter fashion

Winter afternoons in Calcutta gives is perfect for lightweight winter wear. Keeping that in mind Paushali chose a thermal cotton shirt, from her father’s wardrobe and wore its button on the back. While the material was absolutely optimum warm for the noon, the way she styled it, gave the shirt an illusion of a turtleneck. She teamed the beige shirt with her distressed denim. For that much-needed edge, she further tied a very pretty bow-tie to secure the top button of the shirt. Needless to say, the bow-tie gave oomph to the entire attire in inexplicable ways, but it was also astute of veiling any kind of clumsiness that could happen due to wearing a shirt not its usual way. Finally, her envelope clutch was a perfect and optimum pop of color for her entire attire!

DIY Winter fashion DIY Winter fashion"

My (Roshni) wardrobe is my treasure trove. Time and again I run a quest into it; hunting out clothing I haven’t worn for the longest time and most urgently start thinking of new ways to wear them again. A few days back I rediscovered an oversized sweater of mine. I usually used to pair it up with my stockings but this time I had a different plan to wear the same.  I let go of the entire idea of stockings and secured my waist with a belt. Instantaneously this transformed my oversized long sweater into a customized sweater dress. While the belt gave proper silhouette to the apparel, I wore my ankle length leather boots to keep my toes warm and to balance the minimalism of the look!

" DIY Winter fashion DIY Winter fashion

It might be a new year, but the story of us women remains the same- the story of neglect, deprivation, and exploitation! This new year make a resolution of seeking your own approval before the world’s, of creating your own world before someone else’s. Be resolute enough never to settle for what does not allow you to grow. No matter how much it hurts, “Do It Your Way”, or no way!

DIY Winter fashion


Roshni & Paushali

Photo Credits: Kallol Bhattacharjee

Location Courtesy: Coming Back to Life, Kolkata

Academician | Corporate Geek| Style Influencers | Millennial Women A creative initiative of two millennial women, Paushali, the corporate practitioner and Roshni an academician, in an attempt to celebrate Fashion hidden in the nooks and crannies of the city, the Real Women and Calcutta!

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