Liberating Abductor

Alfred Stieglitz Georgia O'Keeffe — Hands

Creep into my veins, lurk through the alleys of my heart- reach behind my eyes and become that throbbing lump in my throat- that ecstatic lump which keeps one awake with erratic feelings of pain and pleasure; which keeps one awake bewildered and in a maze of permanent ecstasy, from where there is no returning back. Be the abductor with whom I consciously, concisely and carelessly would want to spend every constructed moment of this cosmos. Your leash should suffocate hatred out of my soul. I want to become too used to you- habituated enough to recollect any reminiscence of the tobacco meshed cologne dew of your body; habituated enough to sniff you out from the throngs of men and snuggle into you with my eye blinds buttoned tightly- like that feline who craves fondling.  Ravish me each night only to fill the lacuna in my soul with merry bliss. Ravish my forever lipstick tainted lips and attest them with your amorous, intense nibbles. Make them bleed. You have my approval-but only if the blood tastes of the cigarettes you smoke and the coffee you sip every now and then.

Be the abductor, MY abductor who possesses the conjuring art of liberating ones’s soul!

– Love, Roshni

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