Maximizing Comfort

Dear Women,

How important is the idea of ‘comfort’ for you all? Are you comfortable, consciously/ subconsciously being enmeshed in the web of patriarchy? Are you comfortable with the disrespect, palled under the veil of ‘possessiveness’? Are you comfortable keeping up with the established standards of beauty and aesthetics? ARE YOU COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN? Or do we women (millennial or not) still correlate ‘comfort’ with luxury?

This series ‘Maximizing Comfort’ in fact, bloomed from the questions we evoked above! The Maxi Dress as an apparel roars ‘comfort’ from every possible aspect. It happens to be that one blessed attire, which defies reticence and fixates its aim on being ‘comfort clothing’.


History reveals the existence of ‘Comfort Women’ from as early as World War II; the very fact which reveals the atrocious manipulation women have been subjected to, making them believe that they are meant to be the benefactors of comfort and never the opposite. It is about time, we changed the history and started ‘Maximizing Comfort’ for ourselves! Think about it, if you haven’t already!


Roshni & Paushali

Photo Credits: Anirban Bose

Academician | Corporate Geek| Style Influencers | Millennial Women A creative initiative of two millennial women, Paushali, the corporate practitioner and Roshni an academician, in an attempt to celebrate Fashion hidden in the nooks and crannies of the city, the Real Women and Calcutta!

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