DIY Winter fashion


Dear millennial women, Have you ever wondered, you were to blame yourselves and only so for the mistreatment hurdled towards you? Are you still not meeting the expectations even after you drained yourself off the last cell of your soul to make the world happy? Well, the miscue was on

Salvador Dali


(The Persistence of Memory, Painting by Dali, 1931) Time, is just a concept I say! One can spend million minutes, many months, many more years approaching a vision of togetherness, only to stumble upon the luring mirage! Yet, the clocks keeps ticking- monotonous, time never stops. Listen closely to the

Effortlessly Authentic

Winter comes as an inexplicable incentive for the fashion aficionados. Sweat shirts, sweaters, blazers, leather jacket etc- you name it and they all hark out ‘fashion’! While discussing our plans for treating you all with winter style tips, we stumbled upon a significant issue. We realized whenever we think of

Maximizing Comfort

Dear Women, How important is the idea of ‘comfort’ for you all? Are you comfortable, consciously/ subconsciously being enmeshed in the web of patriarchy? Are you comfortable with the disrespect, palled under the veil of ‘possessiveness’? Are you comfortable keeping up with the established standards of beauty and aesthetics? ARE

Essentializing Earthy

Calcutta’s enamoring affair with ‘Bharer Chaa’ is absolutely indisputable… Fellow millennial women – imagine yourselves in this designed imagery. You are stuck in your car amidst an atrocious traffic, clad in the most urbane attire, a mind burdened with work peril, waiting to usher in a mundane workday. A familiar


    (Flickr, Stencilab) Running in a maze. A farce, a repression. Stifling beneath the thud of boots, Sniffing cocaine for food, Whining in anticipation, For an endless chase. How weary is your heart? Unleash yourself and quietly depart. Paint your dreamscape under the moonlit sky, Oh, David! Maybe it’s

Translating Traditions

Wouldn’t you all agree that we millennial women most skillfully albeit beautifully trapeze on the rope which has the ‘traditional’ and the ‘modern’ on its two ends? Hell yes, we do! In fact it is this inexplicable artistry of us women that became the catalyst for our very first post!

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