Dhakai Jamdani Styling

Ma’s Jamdaani

No matter how cosmopolitan and globalized life gets, sari will never ever go out of vogue for us, Indian women. The few yards of nifty drape can never go wrong for anyone, EVER! Keeping that in mind, we present to you #OURSAREESTORY – a series through which we intend to

DIY Winter fashion


Dear millennial women, Have you ever wondered, you were to blame yourselves and only so for the mistreatment hurdled towards you? Are you still not meeting the expectations even after you drained yourself off the last cell of your soul to make the world happy? Well, the miscue was on

Salvador Dali


(The Persistence of Memory, Painting by Dali, 1931) Time, is just a concept I say! One can spend million minutes, many months, many more years approaching a vision of togetherness, only to stumble upon the luring mirage! Yet, the clocks keeps ticking- monotonous, time never stops. Listen closely to the

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