Seasoned Style: Our Summer Lookbook

If we are about to ask you a very important question, you might want to take a minute before you answer: What’s your summer vibe? You see – a defined summer vibe is how you’d describe your signature style for those excruciatingly hot days. No one has time to stress about outfits when there are warm-weather adventures to be had, and having a mood board of sorts, means more time in the sun. Here we have summarized two looks for you, which depict the inherent mannerisms of summer and walk you through the best possible ways to stay comfortable yet stylish while running errands in the scorching sun.

We bring to you a tell-tale of two summer babies, May and June – two beautiful women who imbibe a fresh spirit of radiance and are unique in their own ways of living. While May radiates like a queen and goes-all-out with her ruthless fierceness, June pacifies you with her unpredictable pats of comfort in-between unbearable heat lashes. Together, they are a unique duo of the summer tribe who celebrate sunshine, dance and dazzle in its shimmer and entrance you with soothing showers for your soul’s solace.

May radiates like a queen. She goes-all-out with her fiery wand to take over the world. She is all about the uncanny and unapologetic strides of heat. She is unchallenged. She is unbeatable. She, like every other headstrong woman, claims her moment without any validation. She is a rage She is a riot. She could annoy you. She could destroy you. She could steal your thunder. She could barge in your slumber. She could walk into your life like a sultry, wanderlust bohemian. She needs no allowance. She needs no arm. You are a watcher. You are a victim. You are an admirer. You could love her. You could hate her. But you could never, ever just let her. And one fine day, when in a jiffy, she’d be gone, you’d know what massacre she has had brought down upon you – either leaving your skin blistered or your heart smoldered. I bet you’d know the meaning of finding joys in a poetry of suffering then, only then.

PS: Head-to-toe clad in summer ensembles that I picked up from Anjuna Flea Market, Goa for less than 500 rupees!

June’s jazz is incomprehensible for most. She would shine while she stings. She would sore herself to sooth you. In her seething rage, she only needs a calming hug to pour. And just when you think you have comprehended her being, cuddled her in your constraint – she would set the shackles ablaze and break free, leaving you unrequited with her lashes of lust! She is the merciless manipulator for the ‘bloated mighty’ but majestically meek for the ones who know how to love her right. She is a rage of the heat and chill; a puzzle, you could pawn your life, to resolve. The ones to leave, still wander in a daze. For them, everyone tastes bland now, once you have tasted her. The one to stay is the one who went beyond her Hennessey days; the one who deserves to witness her grace of those French 75 days. She isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, you see. Once you have transcended beyond her frizzled flames, she becomes ambrosia with YOUR time and consistency!

PS: Bodysuit @stalkbuylove. Linen bottoms – mighty grab from Colaba flee, Bombay. Entire ensemble worth a reasonable 1.2k only. Unpredictable? Well, that’s June for you.

The bottom line here is to create unique style statements even in the not-so-complimenting weather conditions. All you need to do is identify with your mood, become one with your world and feel confident being your kind of beautiful no matter what!


Roshni & Paushali

Photo Credits: Jyotika Baijal

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