The Tithonus Disease


(Family I, oil on canvas (2010), Milan Hrnjazovic)

Love told me to arrive at its threshold,
with a ‘lifetime’ in hand,
for Love had million unspoken mumbles
and inarticulate desires to articulate…

I meandered into Love’s hearth and shut the cosmos’ door behind,
Oh boy, did I see Love?!
Love undressed itself and put its face right atop mine;
Love’s vision transfixed mine, refusing to hinder
while its embrace resurrected me with a promise of eternity!

Soon I saw Love approaching closer,
close enough to blur my vision,
closeness causing dearth of breath;
a closeness so close, disfiguring my idea of individuality.
(but who could let go of the lure of eternity?)

Love had told me to arrive at its threshold,
with a lifetime in hand.
Here I am, trudging with Love
and with an incurable Tithonus disease…

Love hasn’t yet spoken the unspoken mumbles,
nor expressed the unexpressed.
But Love still has me transfixed,
with the bane of eternity!

Love, Roshni

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