Salvador Dali

(The Persistence of Memory, Painting by Dali, 1931)

Time, is just a concept I say!

One can spend million minutes,
many months, many more years
approaching a vision of togetherness,
only to stumble upon the luring mirage!

Yet, the clocks keeps ticking- monotonous,
time never stops.

Listen closely to the tick-tocks,
but that of a broken heart,
which has stopped beating for you,
uninformed, unlike a broken clock!

Then there are few, to look into the eyes
to envision the throbbing sore soul.
The ones to make your heart beat like raindrops
falling on the arid sands of time..

They water the soul into life once more,
and heal the heart, oh so sore!
Doing it all in resilient silence, like the
ancient medicine woman adept at her task.

The former kind takes years, but only
to etch a wound on the heart…
The latter creed heals it within intervals of
sipping coffee and biting on a lemon tart!

The clocks are still ticking- monotonous
Time did not stop..

In one’s house of cards, time slips as smoothly
as from one’s hand, the expensive Brie.
Gulp in your pride of enduring  many a year,
for time honey, is only an idea, you see!

– Love, Roshni

Academician | Corporate Geek| Style Influencers | Millennial Women A creative initiative of two millennial women, Paushali, the corporate practitioner and Roshni an academician, in an attempt to celebrate Fashion hidden in the nooks and crannies of the city, the Real Women and Calcutta!

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