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One fine day two friends from Calcutta 84, brewed a storm over two cups of ‘garam chai’. Hence was born 84 Bongully- a creative initiative of two millennial women, Paushali, the corporate practitioner and Roshni an academician, who decided to trapeze between their profession and their passion for fashion!

There’s a reason why we chose a very unconventional name for our blog – 84 Bongully.

Since both of us are ardent admirers of the rich artistic versatility that Calcutta boasts of, we decided to retain the true spirit of it – our very own Calcutta, in our blog. Hence, Calcutta 84 came into play. As Bengalis, we are always looking for newness, a sprint of change that can possibly create a revolution. Haha! So proud that we are who we are – competitive, dynamic, experimental, opinionative, and so much more. The very essence of being a ‘Bong’ is as important to us as preferring rice and dal over burger and fries, any day! However farther we tread in life, we are definite about the things we like, the way we function, and the fashion we own! Both of us, time and again, have taken great inspirations from the kind of fashion, Calcutta has owned – not on the fancy magazines, but in our own ‘Paaraas’ (locality) and ‘Gullies’ (streets). Fashion brewing in the nooks and crannies of Calcutta is a fashion that we chose to endorse. We wanted to celebrate the women who have albeit, unintended-ly inspired our embrace of style and vanity, over the past few years now. Thank you, all of you. It’s you who have helped us know how uniquely beautiful Bengali women can be, holding on to our own personalities – trying out new things every single day, and sometimes maybe not; nonetheless, always believing in our own strengths and conviction. Kudos to us!

Welcome to 84 Bongully; let’s celebrate fashion hidden in the nooks and crannies of the city, the Real Women and Calcutta!


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